Owner and Craftsman Jamie Welsh started woodworking while residing in Leadville, Colorado. Working as a custom cabinet maker and making log furniture on the side, he was learning and enjoying every step of the way. In 2012 Jamie moved to Orrville, Ohio and worked as a custom stair builder. Jamie started making custom cajons and trejons in the spring of 2013. He has always had an artistic side that allows the many creations come to life and has had the experience of working with many species of wood from Basic Baltic Birch, Walnut, Curly Maple, ZebraWood, Maccassar Ebony, Indian Rosewood, Purple Heart to many other species. From the making of the very first drum to the drum currently being constructed, Jamie puts a lot of focus into the details of the finished product while making sound, quality and appearance the top priorities. He will tell you he's not a musician but always wished he had musical talent so JDub Cajons was born out of that desire to be a part of the musical world.