Cajon Styles

The many different styles of cajons offer a wide variety of sounds. Whether you are a beginner or a drummer extraordinaire, the cajon is a very versatile instrument. Play it just in your house or take it with you where ever you go. You can also mount a mic on it and play it in the studio, or even on stage for that intimate acoustic set. Whatever the situation, the cajon is your instrument. See which cajon fits you and your style of playing.

The fixed snare cajon is made with snare wires precisely cut and permanently mounted behind the tapa. The adjustment on this style is the tapa screws. Turn each screw just a 1/16" of a turn and you start to get a different sound. This is a very good cajon for all levels of hand percussionists.

The adjustable snare cajon is made with .42 acoustic guitar strings. Allen bolts mounted through the bottom of the cajon adjust a bridge that is attached to the strings so with just a slight turn of the allen bolt, the strings are adjusted to your personal liking. This is also a very good cajon for all levels of hand percussionists.

The two-tone cajon is divided into two chambers within the body. The separation inside the body gives the option of striking the bass and the snare separately. You don't get the snare sound when you strike the bass. This style is made with a fixed drum snare mounted behind the snare portion only. The adjustment comes with the tapa screws. This style gives a very professional, quality studio sound.

Quickly becoming our most popular instrument, the Tongue drum is a wooden xylophone. Each individual tongue has a unique tone and when struck with the mallet it produces a harmonious melody. Adults and children of all skill levels enjoy playing this fun instrument.

The trejon is a very amazing instrument. This drum is bigger than the cajon. The inside is separated into 3 chambers inside the drum and there are two snares located at the top on each side. The snares are removable giving you the option to have a snare and on the other side a tom-tom. The bottom is a sealed chamber to allow the ultimate bass sound. This drum is nothing short of magical and is definitely a professional playing instrument.

The bongo cajon has two chambers to give two seperate sounds. Basic size for these are 20" long x 7" wide x 6" tall. The bongo can be made with snares or just the plain bongo sound. Add one of these to your cajon mix, and you have an even wider variety of sound.

The C-Pad is the coolest and most fun product. This little pad is only 2" tall x 12" x 12". Take this little fixed snare drum anywhere you want. Put it in your suitcase to take along on vacation. You would be amazed by the sounds and the different tones it will give. Warm up on this before your gig, or throw it in as an addition to your gig.


All cajons are made to one basic size: 19" tall x 12" wide x 12" deep. Custom sizes are available by request. Prices are based on Baltic Birch Plywood at 3/4" thickness. All solid woods are an upgrade and priced at market value at the time the order is placed. Please call, text or email for a quote on custom orders.