Handcrafted Drums

Each drum has it's own individual creation process, no two Jdub Cajons will ever be exactly the same. We start with a good design and get artistic with it using custom species of native and/or exotic wood and stains. We offer many different design styles to create the highest quality of sound.

We start by selecting the best wood for each musical instrument, from Baltic Birch plywood all the way to fine exotic woods. We use a 3/4" body for durability and to hold a true quality sound when the drums are under the stress of a persons weight. We then use dado cuts for assembly with a custom frame on the inside for added strength. The components are added on the inside and a JDUB standard procedure for sound quality is applied. The heads are glued on which makes a tight seal throughout the drum and this gives the best resonance you will find in any cajon. The drum is then completed with a finishing process which can be basic or a fine custom finish. JDUB drums are truly the best cajon for your money! We stand behind every drum we make 100%.