Care & Storing Instructions

Care & Storing Instructions for JDub Cajons & Hand Percussion Instruments

Quality is our #1 priority! We hope your selection becomes a playable favorite for many years to come. Listed below are a few care instructions to make sure your instrument lasts a lifetime:

  • Anything besides your hands can dent the wood of the playing surface. Be careful with rings, bracelets and clothing that touches the drum. 
  • Always keep your instrument at room temperature. Do not store in a vehicle or other storage space for long periods of time where the temperature fluctuates with the weather. Avoid temperatures above 90 degrees and below 40 degrees.
  • Use mild soap and water to clean your instrument.
  • When storing your drum, always keep it in the upright position. Do NOT store it on its side or back and do not put any weight on the instrument as these things can warp the drum over time.
  • In the case that your drum does get exposed to extreme cold, heat or moisture please return it to a controlled climate and let it acclimate back for a few days. It should return to its quality and playing abilities.