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The ELEC SIMON SIGNATURE SERIES OCTANO is an exceptional hand percussion instrument that cannot be found anywhere else. What makes these Octanos so special is they were developed in part with professional Percussionist & Entertainer Elec Simon. Constructed with only the finest solid Mahogany wood, these drums offer the richest sound quality while maintaining a gorgeous exterior appearance. This drum will elevate any level of playing and can be used as a set or individually. A microphone can be easily attached to the bottom of the drum for amplification. 

The Octano is a Conga style drum that sits on it's own legs on the ground, as opposed to having to have a separate stand. The tube body construction creates a deep bass sound that resonates from the bottom to increase tone amplification. The 13 inch head style offers the deepest bass tonal quality. This drum is easy to pick up, carry around and can be used in any outside or indoor setting. 

Dimensions -  28.5" tall with an 13 inch diameter

Weight - 28.5 lbs